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We are thrilled to announce our capital campaign to fully renovate 121 East Lake St and set the stage for the return of our beloved Colorado State SigEp Chapter. The early response for SigEp brothers has been tremendous and we have reached $1,005,510 in gifts and signed pledges!

Want to learn more about the project to transform our 121 East Lake home?
Read the Announcement Newsletter that brother Dan Reagan '82 put together for an introduction to the project, and to recognize the brothers who got this campaign off the ground.  Hear from brothers Trevor Armstrong ’99 and John Clark ’65 on why they are supporting the Campaign for Colorado Gamma.

Check out the Campaign Brochure that outlines the vision for our project and the future of CSU SigEp.

Take a look at the conceptual design plans brother Mitch Christ ’79 and the team at CPI Group presented to the City of Fort Collins and read about our renovation approach that honors and preserves the history of our chapter house while adding innovative and forward-looking capabilities.
What can you do to help?
You can have a huge impact on the Campaign for Colorado Gamma right now!..
  • Share this page on Facebook and tell everyone what you think
  • Tweet about the campaign and include #121Renovation to see all tweets about the project posted on (below)
  • Discuss the campaign and renovation with brothers in our private CSU SigEp LinkedIn group
Questions, comments, or suggestions about the Campaign and Renovation?
The Campaign Board would love to hear from you. Send us a note, reach us on twitter @CSUSigEp, or reach Campaign Chairman Al Hornung '61 at 303-880-7892.
The Campaign for Colorado Gamma Board

Al Hornung ’61, Campaign Chairman
Mitch Christ ’79, Construction Manager
Bryan Harmsen ’01, Campaign Treasurer
Jerre Dixon '67, Director
Tony Mauro '99, Director
Don Rutledge ’61
John Clark ’65
Bob Frey ’65

Jim Benemann ’78
Dan Reagan ’82
Breck Vassios ’87
TJ Gordon ’87
Andy Odenbach ’96
Mike Jensen ’96
Trevor Armstrong ’99